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safedog car crates are distributed in the UK by Atomiza Car Care Products Ltd™

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We've been using Yumove, iMove and Yumpro Bioactiv from Lintbells for a number of years now. Ellie, our golden retriever, was prescribed pain killers by the vet, but she didn't do well on them. I increased the dose of Yumove and that's done the trick ... at least for now. Beau was also on them in conjunction with a cocktail of other painkillers.

Jacob's Wet Dog Mats are a new product in our 'must have' inventory. Originally made by the owner, Dominique, for an incontinent dog, they're also great when you have wet dogs in the back of the car, after a walk or a hydrotherapy session.

Ellie and Beau wearing their Dog Games harnesses. They have a ring both on the back and the front, so you have more control over dogs who pull. They're fleece lined so comfortable for dogs like Beau who didn't have much fur. Hold your cursor over the picture to visit the Dog Games website.

Safedog now sponsors the Lowestoft Dog Agility Display Team.
Lowestoft dog agility


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