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safedog car crates are distributed in the UK by Atomiza Car Care Products Ltd™

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about us

Our trade stand at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show 2009.   Kev & Terri's stand at All About Dogs, Norfolk 2014.

Having experienced a minor car crash just yards from home, we started to worry about the effects of a crash if the dogs were in the car at the time. We looked at all the car crates for dogs available in the UK market which were all of a similar design rather than the secure dog cage we were looking for, then happened to be attending an automotive trade fair when we saw these extremely robust looking cages. We tested them for a year in our own car, before becoming the UK distributor for these crates, and whilst we were fortunate that the crate wasn't put to the test, we were (and are!) very happy with the product. We believe that they are the safest car crates for dogs in the world. At the same time I wanted a more robust vehicle. I thought that a Volvo would be too expensive but managed to get a good deal from the dealer in Oxford as Sir Roger Bannister had traded in his old red Volvo in for a newer model and the dealer thought the old car would sell just on its celebrity status! We launched the car crates at a small community event in Beckenham, organised by our local police in 2007; then went on to display them at Paws in the Park and a PDSA show in Bromley. Since then we've shown our crates at All About Dogs, The Macmillan Dog Day, The Cold Wet Nose Show, The Wag & Bone Show, The Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show, The Autumn Show & Game Fair held at the South of England Centre, Ardingly, West Sussex, The Essex Dog Day, Discover Dogs, CLA Game Fair, Aztec Shows, Crufts, Shropshire County Show, Staffordshire Game Fair and many other shows. We haven't yet had a stand at Pup Aid, but have visited the Brighton shows to support Marc Abraham's campaign against puppy farming.

On a personal level we're delighted with our own crate. Since one of our own dogs had operations on his legs and spine we travelled about 4,000 miles in twelve months to and from Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey (well worth all the driving as our little boy is now running round like a puppy again - thanks Noel!) We also covered much mileage on our favourite holiday - a two week tour of beautiful Scotland, including a stay at Guisachan, the ancestral home of the golden retriever.

Whilst many of our customers put together their crates from the flatpack we send them, we also have a fair few visitors to our warehouse from people who'd like us to build and fit them in their cars. We then started advertising for distributors, so that people elsewhere in the UK could enjoy the luxury of having the crate built for them. At a show in 2013 we were approached by a couple who'd previously bought two Variocages for their cars and were keen to get involved. Kevin & Terri Groom joined us in October 2013 as distributors for the Norfolk and Suffolk area. They have a shop in Loddon and have done some shows in 2014. We've been approached by people from other areas too, but as yet we're still looking for people in areas outwith the East Anglian area.

We've met some lovely dogs (and people!) on our travels, and are pleased to say that our crates have the seal of approval from golden retrievers, flatcoated retrievers, dobermanns, rottweilers, labradors, German shepherds, English setters, Irish Setters, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, curly coated retrievers, border collies, rough collies, larger munsterlanders, bearded collies, labradors, weimeraners, springer spaniels, poodles, labradoodles, beagles, Italian spinones, boxers, Hungarian Vizslas, pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chihuahuas, miniature schnauzers, Lhasa Apsos, French Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, cocker spaniels, cockerpoos, whippets, field spaniels, beaucerons, shar peis, border terriers, Clumber spaniels, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Dogue de Bordeaux, Brittany spaniels, Welsh springer spaniels, Irish water spaniels, Jack Russells, Manchester terriers, Eurasiers, Scottish Terriers, Chow Chows, Portuguese water dogs, Pugs, Pyrenean sheepdogs, German shorthaired pointers, German wirehaired pointers, Japanese Akitas, dalmations, chihuahuas, huskies, a New Zealand Huntaway and a Lagotto. During Autumn 2010 we sold crates to a chihuahua family and a Newfoundland owner - the latter also has a Yorkshire Terrier! At shows we often have visits by people who are very happy with their dog cages for cars that they've bought from us - and if they have their dogs with them they'll often hop up into our car as they recognise the crate!

If we get calls from people asking for a 'dog box' then usually they're people with working gundogs. The manufacturer calls the product 'cages' but usually in the UK people prefer to use the word 'crate'. Sometimes at shows we have passers by commenting that the crates/cages/dog boxes look like prisons. Well ... prisons are there to keep people safe so there are some similarities!

When people are looking for dog crates for cars they sometimes call our ones 'crash proof car crates'. We've never claimed that - but believe them to be the safest car crates in the world!

In 2008 we set up a bloat awareness campaign after our dobermann boy survived gastric torsion. Whilst it has nothing to do with the crates we use the opportunity at dog shows to hand out flyers to alert other dog owners to this awful condition. We know lives have been saved, but feel very sad when we hear about dogs who didn't make it. Click here if you'd like to download the flyer.

The three dogs we originally wanted a crate for - Beau, Ellie and Roxy. Pictured here on the beach in Scotland.   Kevin and Terri's two lovely dogs, Monty and Misty, who enjoyed the benefits of the Variocage before their family became the distributors for the East of England.
Pictured below are our dobermann and our golden retriever 'modelling' the XL Double crate at Paws in the Park, September 2011.
The harnesses they're wearing are their Dog Games walking harnesses - they don't actually need to wear harnesses in the crate for safety reasons.


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