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safedog car crates are distributed in the UK by Atomiza Car Care Products Ltd™

distributors wanted

We have been selling our crates in the UK since 2007. Much of our work at shows has been brand awareness as well as sales. Our warehouse is in Biggin Hill in Kent (pictured right). We're now looking to appoint distributors elsewhere in the UK. We already have distributors in Norfolk, Lancashire, Hampshire, Devon, Cornwall and West Midlands. We're not going to appoint anyone too close to these existing sites but are still looking for people to run fitting centres elsewhere in the UK - Scotland, northern England and Wales. Also ROI.

We're not looking for people to advertise the crates on their websites. We already send out flatpacked crates throughout the UK and ROI.

We're interested in people who have the space to display the crates (maybe just 4 or 6 instead of the whole range), with the ability to install the crates in customers' cars. This requires a certain level of technical ability and physical strength! Please bear in mind also that most crate sales are made on a credit or debit card. Whilst we're flexible on the type of business that could accommodate the crates as part of that business, we do need people who can present a respectable image to visitors, and have the time to spend on appointments if customers aren't quite sure of what they want.

Please contact us for further details by emailing or telephoning on 020 8658 0002.




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