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safedog car crates are distributed in the UK by Atomiza Car Care Products Ltd™

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frequently asked questions


Q. Will the crates fit behind the back seat of my car?
A: Our crates MUST be behind the back seat to be safe. We will not sell a crate to someone who wants to put the back seats down as that simply isn't a safe way to travel - for you OR your dog(s). See safety notice here.

Q. I have a hatchback car which has a sill at the back - do you have a crate to fit?
A: We do now! We introduced them in 2013.

Q: How were the crates tested?
A: Please email us and we'll send a link.

Q: How quickly can I have my crate?
A: Crates are usually available from stock and can usually be despatched within a few days.

Q: Are the crates easy to get in and out of the car?
A: They're designed for safety rather than ease of carrying. If you need to get to your spare wheel in an emergency it is possible for most people to lift the crate out. However, once the crate is in the car then you would normally leave it in there. When you do the grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, load up rubbish to go to the tip or carry desserts for 60 people to your sister's 50th birthday party* it can all go in the crate (preferably not at the same time!)

Q: Do the crates fold flat?
A: No, once the crates are made up they don't fold down - they're designed from a safety point of view.

Q: Can the crates be used as an indoor crate?
A: It is possible to use the crate as an indoor crate occasionally - however you would be wasting your money to buy a Safedog crate to use indoors! Our own indoor crate cost about £100 - less than a third of the price of our smallest crate. You will also find that the largest crates don't fit through doors easily once they're made up.

Q: How easy is the crate to put together if I receive it flatpacked? Is it a marriage breaker?
Hopefully not! We can put them together in about an hour - so I would allow two hours when you come to build it. If you get stuck you can always phone us for advice. The newer style crates (available from 2012 onwards) have fewer pieces and are easier than the older style.

Q: Do the crates bolt into the car?
A: No, there are two straps supplied with each crate which connect to the cargo points in the car.

Q: I'm planning to change my car during the next year, should I wait until I have the new vehicle?
A: If you're looking for a similar size car then the chances are that your crate would fit the new vehicle. Check out the what car page to see if both old and new vehicles are listed. We do have a market for second-hand Safedog crates however. You can bring the crate back to us and part-exchange it for a bigger crate (subject to checking with us before you travel). Alternatively if you're not within easy travelling distance of Westerham, Kent, then we would be happy to advertise your old crate for you on our site, though you would need to deal directly with buyers. We will also advertise your cage even if you're close-by as you'd get a better price than part exchanging. This only applies to Safedog crates - we do not and will not sell any other crates.

Q: I'm surprised that such a small range of crates fit into pretty much any car!
A: The crates are adjustable lengthways, so we're able to fit our crates in a wide variety of cars.

Q: The crates don't look very spacious - are they big enough for dogs to travel in comfortably?
A: The crates are deceptively spacious. Check out the pictures on the site - the dogs have more freedom of movement than an adult with a seatbelt on or a child strapped into a baby seat. The dogs need to have space to jump in and turn round in the crate. It does depend on breed of course - you wouldn't get two Newfies in one of our smaller cages!


* just in case my sister or her party guests are reading - I did clean the crate first!

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