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safedog car crates are distributed in the UK by Atomiza Car Care Products Ltd™



Some general pictures: Mini Max crate; hatchback crate; standard double crate; water bowls.

The new Mini Max crate has been designed with less of a gap between the bars, for smaller dogs.   Another shot of the Mini Max crate - you can see the 'mesh' style escape hatch at the back of the crate. An ideal crate for small dogs!
The Hatchback crates have a door which opens further up to allow for the boot sill.   Our model dog Shaggy trying out the Hatchback crate.
Our model dog Shaggy trying out the Hatchback crate.   You can see here that the position of the door opening allows for a lip in hatchback cars.
Side view of the crate - you can see the escape hatch at the back.   As with all the crates, they can be adjusted lengthways.
The double crates all have two doors, and you can choose whether or not to have the divider installed.    
Close up shot of the crate door   Non-spill waterbowl
Our stand at Discover Dogs 2012   This lovely horse had heard how good the crates were but couldn't quite fit it there!


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