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support for bloat awareness

We've had lots of support for our awareness campaign. You will see a few vets on here ... all of whom know only too well the consequences of not getting your dog to the vet immediately if you suspect bloat. Click here to go to our health page from which you can download the poster.

  Peter Purves
Caroline Quentin with TV commentator and international dog show judge Frank Kane. Our flatcoat can be seen photobombing behind the fence.   Peter Purves has been a familiar face to us now for 50 years!

Marc Abraham Campaign against Puppy Farming   Noel Fitzpatrick Supervet Bionic Vet
Thanks to Marc Abraham 'Marc the Vet' for displaying our bloat posters on his stand at Crufts 2011. You may know Marc from his numerous TV appearances as well as his brilliant work in raising awareness of puppy farming.   Professor Noel Fitzpatrick (aka Supervet, Bionic Vet) knew Beau very well as he performed four operations on him.

Michael Ball   sarah fisher and anthony head
Michael Ball knew about bloat and was more than happy to support our campaign. He was supporting Noel Fitzpatrick's Dogfest where we had a 'Bloat Awareness' stand.   Sarah Fisher and Anthony Head at Discover Dogs 2013.

fire brigade  
One man and his dog who do amazing work, talking to the public at Dogs Unleashed 2017.   Another man and his dog who do amazing work, talking to the public at Dogs Unleashed 2017.

caroline quentin men behaving badly  
Jenny & Tiga K9 Tracker
Caroline Quentin had had a very long day filming in between the raindrops at the Brentwood All About Dogs show.   You may not immediately recognise Jenny & her dog Tiga, but they are a formidable duo when it comes to searching for missing dogs. K9 Tracker is a familiar name to Dog Lost volunteers and anyone who's had a dog go missing in the UK.

Victoria Stilwell   Mary Ray and Richard Curtis
Victoria Stilwell, world renowned dog trainer.   Mary Ray and Richard Curtis at Discover Dogs 2013.

rachel bean   golden retriever display team
Rachel Bean is a vet nurse - a very busy one as she runs First Aid courses and helps out at the Soi Dog Foundation - in Thailand. We managed to grab a picture at Crufts!   The fabulous Southern Golden Retriever Display team who put on a great display come rain or shine. It was pouring heavily at this display at Buckham Fair!

Roger Mugford   Professor Dick White
Dr Roger Mugford, psychologist and farmer. Roger's Company of Animals sells the Green Feeder which can slow down dogs' mealtimes.   We first met Professor Dick White when he purchased a crate from us for his puppy - we met him again at his open day at his surgery, raising funds for his charitable foundation.

brenda and david hutchison  
Brenda and David Hutchison, Crufts judges. Breeders of golden and flatcoated retrievers.   Paul Grant was our primary care vet for many years but is now a partner and veterinary surgeon at Medivet in Oxted.

beverley cuddy dogs today   Ulrika Jonsson
Beverley Cuddy (Editor, Dogs Today) at Dogfest Surrey 2015.  

Here's Beverley again, with Ulrika Jonsson presenting award on behalf of Dogs Today & Natural Instinct to Gill Arney & Beau for the Bloat Awareness campaign.

charlie dimmock tommy walsh   Trevor Cooper
Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh at the Aztec All About Dogs show.   Trevor Cooper, whose name is synonymous with dog law in the UK.

met police dogs   met police dog handlers
Met Police at Discover Dogs 2014.
  Met Police at Discover Dogs 2014.

surrey police dogs   essex police dogs
Surrey Police at Noel Fitzpatrick's Dogfest 2014.   Essex Police at Essex Dog Day 2014.

Cheryl Fergison Heather from Eastenders   The Barking Blondes

Cheryl Fergison not only had her photo taken with the bloat poster at Paws in the Park but she immediately took her own photo of the poster and tweeted it to her 66,000+ followers. Her message was 'Everyone with a dog should be aware of BLOAT !!!'

  We met these lovely ladies - The Barking Blondes - at Discover Dogs. They knew about bloat and were happy to support our awareness campaign.

Allen Parton  

Carolyn Menteith

Allen Parton and EJ.   Carolyn Menteith - dog trainer, behaviourist, writer about all things canine, occasional TV and radio presenter.

Dima Yeremenko   Lintbells Yumove
Dima Yeremenko - Dog Training instructor and behaviourist.   John Howie, Lintbells (suppliers of Yumove and Yumpro BioActiv which we give our own dogs each day).

Robert Alleyne Dog Borstal   vet
Robert Alleyne, dog behaviourist/dog trainer.   Tony Sansom, our neighbour on the Weanafeeda stand at Crufts, was a rural vet in Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria. I asked him for a quote on bloat. "Late one evening I received a phone call from a holiday maker on a boat moored in the middle of Lake Windermere. His much loved labrador, Chloe, had suddenly become unwell and could I please visit them on the boat. I knew the symptoms he was describing were highly suggestive of bloat and that I would need to see Chloe at my surgery. Thankfully Chloe survived a short boat and taxi journey and I was able to operate immediately which saved her life. Time is critical. If your dog shows any symptoms suggestive of bloat then phone your vet at any time of day or night and don't ask for a home - or boat - visit. Your dog's life may depend on it.

  bloat torsion paws in the park
Saints Sled Dog Rescue - happy to pose for a picture at Chelmsford All About Dogs   At Paws in the Park Detling (2018) we were thrilled to meet bloat survivor Scooby. The smile on Richard's face says it all!
Simon and Louise Want, Vet and Vet Nurse.   Padraig Egan, Fitzpatrick Referrals

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